Why Are Ink Cartridges So Expensive?

We all need a printer to get things done at home, at work, for children's activities, college assignments, and so much more. Being able to print any time you want is so easy…unless you run out of ink.

And ink is expensive as compared to the paper and even the printer itself. But why are ink cartridge prices so expensive? And as a recurring necessity, this can become a problem.

At Ink Genie, we know the cost of ink is high which is why we provide inexpensive ink & toner cartridges at more affordable prices through our online ink & toner cartridge storeBut to explain why ink cartridges are so expensive, we’ll examine the reasons and if ink needs to be that expensive. If you want to skip to the end to learn how to save on ink cartridges, click here.


What's Behind The Cost of Ink Cartridges?

We must admit that creating ink is not an easy task and we need to give credit to the engineering that goes into printer ink. There is excellent science behind applying a liquid to a piece of paper and having it not smear when going through the printing process.

The manufacturers create complex formulas with a long list of complicated ingredients, so when the ink goes to paper, it is printed with photographic quality and lasts, well, a long time when you print it.

In addition, building a printer itself is a great challenge. It is a device designed to let only the necessary amount of ink through. Thousands of drops of ink come out at an impressive speed and precision, and with only four colors of ink, it achieves an immense range of printed materials.

This manufacturing process of the main product, the printer, plus the ink composition is created, tested and manufactured at a huge cost to the manufacturer.

In addition, the manufacturer must add costs for packaging, distribution, and marketing.  After all of that, they still need to make a profit, because they are a business at the end of the day.

The Price Of Staying In The Market

Every market becomes more demanding as the years go by; both from the competition and the needs of the customers. So, the manufacturer must be innovative enough to keep up with those demands or lose out to competition.

Currently, there are many types of Inkjet Printers, LaserJet Printers, LED Printers, Multifunction Printers, etc.; all with particular features that make them ideal for the needs of the different niches.

Satisfying these needs and broad range of features adds additional costs for research, analysis, tests, and errors.  There is a whole R&D process to offer new products with more functions and better quality every year.


The Ink Business

Given that manufacturers need to improve their product (ink) and there is complex science and engineering behind it, the cost of producing quality products that people want to buy again is high. We all know how a business works; it exists to sell a product or service to the delight of its customers. In this case, the printer and the ink are the products, and without them both you won’t be able to produce the fabulous printouts that you do.

Since printers are a one time sale, meaning that we buy the printer that best suits us at the time. The manufacturer makes it cheaper to accommodate both heavy users and light users.  This makes it easy for most consumers to buy the base product, the printer.  For light users, the printer itself is the largest expense.

As a heavy user, ink may need to be replaced every couple of months or weeks; otherwise, you could not use the printer.  So the ink becomes the primary expense for you, both sources of income help the manufacturer to continue to make better products even after you’ve made the initial purchase.

How To Save When Buying Ink?

Let’s start with the type of printer you currently have. Did you know that some printers use ink from the cartridge for maintenance? Most inkjet printers use a bit of ink for cleaning the print heads now and then, so your ink cartridge lasts a little less, and you have to spend a little more with frequent replacements.

Just as every brand of printer is different, each printer uses ink at a different rate, and their respective cartridges have varying yields per cartridge. We recommend you read reviews online, watch videos or ask your acquaintances before making a decision regarding the right printer for you.

Also consider how many sheets you print on average; so you can predict how long your cartridge will last. As a baseline, standard cartridges print around 2,600 sheets and high-yield cartridges around 6,500 sheets; usually, the price of the high-yield cartridges are cheaper per sheet and you won’t need to replace the cartridge as often.

Being an environmentally responsible company, Ink Genie also recommends you print just what is necessary, thus saving ink and paper and reducing your footprint on the planet.


Where You Buy Ink Matters

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