The Perfect Imperfection - Ink Genie® Box Conditions for discounts on ink and toner cartridges

The Perfect Imperfection

Just like you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t disregard an ink or toner cartridge that has a slight imperfection. We offer our customers a full range of products either in perfect original boxes, blemished boxes, cartridges with no box and sometimes ink cartridges on clearance.  Our clearance ink cartridges are either with no box or with a manufacturer’s warranty date that has passed. All of these products allow you to purchase the same genuine, name brand ink and toner at great prices.

You can rest assured that all orders come with our Ink Genie® Guarantee meaning that we are confident that the ink cartridge will work regardless of the box condition or the date on the box.

  • Perfect Box

  • Blemished Box

  • No Box

Perfect Box:

A Perfect Box is one that you would find on the shelves of a retail store, but it’s not being sold at the retail price. Our Perfect Box inks/toners are always sold at a discounted retail price.

Blemished Box:

A Blemished Box may have a knick, a scratch, or a dent… “The Perfect Imperfection”. A Blemished Box may also mean that the box has been opened, but the manufacturer's pull-tab is still intact, which indicates the item is brand new. Although the box may not look pristine, the item inside the box is always in perfect condition allowing us to sell a brand new item to you at a slightly discounted price from our perfect boxes.

No Box (Toner Only):

Toner cartridges without a box will always have the manufacturer's pull-tab intact, which indicates the item is brand new. We take extra precautions when shipping this product to ensure it gets to you in perfect condition. We typically sell these cartridges at a significantly discounted price from our perfect box price.

Clearance Ink Cartridges:

Clearance ink cartridges are otherwise perfect, but may be close or past their manufacturer’s warranty date. Many people think that this means the ink has expired, but in fact, the ink is in perfect condition and will provide perfectly printed documents. We sell these cartridges at a discount well below our perfect box price and as with all of our other products is covered with our Ink Genie Guarantee.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

We guarantee that you will receive genuine product in the box condition ordered and in perfect working order. If there are any issues we will work with you to resolve the matter immediately.