HP 410X & 410A - How To Replace Them in Your Printer

Can You Replace HP 410X and 410A Cartridges in Your Printer the Same Way?

Yes, the HP 410X and HP 410A toner cartridges have the same steps to replace them in your printer. These cartridges are very similar; in fact, they are actually the same physically despite a slight difference in the ink capacity.  

The HP 410A cartridge is a Standard-Yield cartridge and can print up to 2,300 sheets, while the HP 410X cartridge is a High-Yield cartridge and can print up to 6,500 sheets.

Both cartridges are compatible with the following printers:

The print quality of both cartridges are created for a LaserJet printer and are replaced in your printer in the same way. Let’s discover how you can replace your toner cartridges below.


How To Replace Your HP LaserJet Pro Toner Cartridges

Make sure you are in an area with enough room to move around and place both cartridges on a flat surface when changing them.  We recommend bringing a small table close to your printer.

It is best to do this in daylight when you can see everything clearly, and if you wear glasses, don't forget to get them before you start.

We recommend you to have a flashlight or the light from your cell phone to illuminate the inside of your printer in case you need it to see better when inserting the cartridge.  

Do not remove the new toner cartridge from its packaging until it is time to install it in the printer. This is because a toner cartridge should not be exposed to light, much less near sunlight. This also avoids fingerprints on the image drum at the bottom of the toner cartridge, as this can cause print quality problems.


Steps to Replace HP 410X And 410A Cartridges in Your Printer

  1. Find the button on the left panel of the printer and press it to open the front door.
  2. Grasp the toner cartridge drawer handle and pull outward to open the drawer.
  3. To remove the cartridge, grasp the cartridge handle and pull upward to remove it.
  4. Proceed with removing the packaging from the new cartridge by pulling the package release tab and opening the shell. Remember the precautions mentioned above regarding sunlight and fingerprints.
  5. Take the new cartridge, hold it firmly at both ends and shake it gently from side to side.
  6. To place it, locate the color chip in both the cartridge and drawer.  Ensure it lines up when you place it in the printer.
  7. Close the toner cartridge drawer properly and then close the front door

If you prefer to see the step by step video produced by HP, here is a link to a video by HP on how to replace 410X and 410A cartridges

How To Discard LaserJet Pro Toner Cartridges

To discard your cartridges, place the old cartridge in the packaging of the newly replaced cartridge for safe storage to avoid toner getting all over the place. 

All HP toner cartridges have recycling instructions in the box; read them carefully and follow the steps.  If the instructions are missing, you can read about how to recycle them here.

Alternatively, you can also search the internet for recycling centers that accept toner cartridges which they will either pay you for or allow you to ship them for free. These companies give toner cartridges a second life. 

Afterwards, recycle any leftover box and packaging materials at the appropriate recycling centers.

Ink Genie is committed to the environment, and we consider this step very important after you replace your toner cartridges.


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