What Is The Difference Between 564 and 564XL HP Ink Cartridges?

Both ink cartridges seem to be the same, but that "XL" at the end is confusing... Are 564 and 564XL cartridges different sizes? Are 564 and 564XL HP cartridges made for different printers?

Let's quickly resolve these questions.  Both cartridges are the same size and for the same printers. But among other features, there are several interesting facts that differentiate both cartridges, we will describe them below, and we recommend you read them all before making the decision of which one to buy.

Do the 564 and 564XL HP Ink Cartridges Have the Same Amount Of Ink?

Both HP ink cartridges are available in 5 different colors: Black Noir, Photo black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow, but do they have the same amount of ink in each cartridge? As we mentioned, the XL cartridge does not mean that it is a larger physical size, as it is the same size as the standard 564 version.

The true meaning of the XL is that it is a high-yield cartridge. In other words, it holds more ink than its standard counterpart.  However, it will fit into the same ink cartridge slot of your printer.

An HP 564 Black Printer Cartridge contains 7.5 mL of ink, while an HP 564XL Black Printer Cartridge contains 14 mL of printer ink. If we convert this to the number of pages that can be printed with each cartridge, an HP 564 Black Ink Cartridge can print about 250 pages, an HP 564XL Black Ink Cartridge can print about 550 pages.

Ever wonder why there are 2 different kinds of HP 564 Black inks? HP 564 Photo Black is a special ink for photo paper, and HP 564 Black Noir is your standard black ink for paper documents.

This is slightly different when speaking about the ones in color, the HP 564 Color Cartridge has three cartridges of magenta, cyan and yellow in one pack and can yield roughly up to 300 pages, while the HP 564XL Color Cartridge has all the three colors you need and can yield roughly 750 pages per cartridge.

In black or color, the amount of ink is the only difference, both the HP 564 and HP 564XL can deliver high-quality printing with vibrant, true-to-life colors, no matter which one you buy.

Are 564 And 564XL HP Cartridges Made For Different Printers?

Both cartridges were uniquely designed to work with multiple HP printers, so if you are looking for which printer works with these cartridges, we’ll share what those models are.

The HP 564 or 564XL ink cartridges can even be used with several HP PhotoSmart printers like HP PhotoSmart eStation All-in-One, as well as DeskJet printers like HP Deskjet 3070a.

So, can I use 564XL instead of 564? Yes, both these HP cartridges are interchangeable.

And, What printer uses 564 and 564XL ink? HP 564/564XL ink cartridges work on the following printer models:

HP PhotoSmart

HP OfficeJet

HP DeskJet
















HP 564 Vs 564XL Ink Cartridge: Which One Should You Buy?

Since the amount of ink is the only difference, clearly you could buy a 564XL Ink Cartridge and thus avoid buying replacement ink cartridges so often, since it will last longer. They are also better for the environment since you are delaying the need for a new cartridge to be made more often.

Sure, this cartridge is a little more expensive, but it's a small price to pay considering the time savings in buying a new cartridge online or running to the store to restock when you need it the most.

Where Can I Buy 564 and 564xl HP ink cartridges?

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