Recycle Ink and Toner Cartridges for Cash

Unused Cartridges? Save them from the landfill (and earn some cash! while you're at it)

We all have that one supply closet where things pile up that we don’t need anymore. Do you have new, unused, unwanted original ink or toner cartridges in there? Believe it or not, those unused ink cartridges could make you some money with the help of Ink Genie. 

Whether you bought a new printer and are stuck with old ink cartridges, or you’ve upgraded and no longer have a use for them, there’s no reason for them to end up in a landfill! Ink Genie offers our customers the chance to recycle their unused ink and toner cartridges for cash. And, we make it as easy as possible. 

Why recycle ink cartridges with Ink Genie?

We will pay you cash for any new, unused ink and toner cartridges. Our goal is to help you get them out of your supply closet while also keeping them out of landfills. Our ink and toner buyback program is as easy as it gets and allows you to walk away with a little extra cash in your pockets or credit for future purchases on

Ink Genie Recycled Ink and Toner Cartridges BuyBack Program

Step 1: Request a Quote - Download and fill out the Buyback Form with all of the information requested. If you cannot access the buyback form, you can add the following details to the textbox on this page:

  1. Brand
    1. Example: HP
  2. Part Number
    1. Example: CC530A
  3. Box Condition
    1. Sealed Packaging - Perfect Condition - A box sealed with no rips, holes, writing, etc.
    2. Sealed Packaging - Damaged Box - Sealed with rips, holes, writing, etc.
    3. Opened Box - Sealed Inner Packaging - Opened box with the inner packaging factory sealed.
    4. Opened Box - Opened Inner Packaging w/ pull tab (Toner Only) - Opened Box with the inner packaging opened as well, but the item still has the pull tab or is still new inside.
  4. Warranty Date / Manufacturer Date
    1. Example: Expires 12/2023
    2. Example: Manufacturer Date 9/22/2020
  5. Quantity Available

Please be as thorough as possible in your description If you would like, you can also upload photos of the cartridges you have available.This will allow us to give you the most accurate offer.We will review your submission and extend an offer to you via email within 2 business days (sometimes as fast as 2 hours!).

Step 2: Send your Product - If you accept our offer, we will email you a shipping label to send us your ink or toner cartridges. Please carefully package up your cartridges and do not remove any labels from the boxes. We will professionally clean the boxes upon arrival at our warehouse.

Note: If your items are not as described or depicted, we will update the offer based on the condition we received the item in. If you do not want to accept the new offer, you can send us a shipping label and we will return your cartridge. If you do NOT want your cartridge back, we will recycle it for you.

Step 3: Payout - After receiving the items, within 3-5 business days, we will send your payment using! You can choose one of two options for payment: a physical check mailed via USPS, or a digital check that will be emailed and can be printed and deposited with your banking mobile app or in person at a local branch or ATM. Either way, you’ll have some cash in hand lightning fast!

It has recently been our experience that a digital payment, meaning a check via email, is faster and more reliable than using USPS mail.  Would you like us to send your payment to you electronically?  Upon receipt of the check via email, you would be able to electronically deposit the check into your bank account. Please indicate your preference in the payment option field.

(Want Ink Genie credit instead? We can pay you with an Ink Genie gift card and add on a 10% bonus reward!)

Download Buyback Form


FAQs: Recycling Ink and Toner Cartridges 

If this is your first time recycling unused ink and toner cartridges with Ink Genie, you might have some questions. The program can sometimes seem too good to be true. Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from people who want to recycle ink.  

Why is recycling ink important?

Recycling your unused ink and toner cartridges is an easy way to help improve the environment and reduce waste. Recycling ink cartridges can positively impact the environment by reducing air and water pollution associated with landfills. It can also help conserve natural resources and save energy. It’s a win-win all around to recycle unused, new cartridges with our buyback program. 

Where can I recycle ink cartridges locally?

You can take new ink cartridges to local office supply stores for recycling. However, most of these drop boxes offer you no incentive and your cartridges will end up in a landfill instead of back in circulation. And while doing a good deed is reward enough, at Ink Genie, we offer a buyback program that makes it easy to ship your unused ink and toner cartridges back to us for cash.  

Can I put ink cartridges in the recycle bin at home?

Unfortunately, no. If you try to recycle your unused ink cartridges and toner through your at-home recycling bin, your cartridges will most likely end up in a landfill. Ink cartridges can’t be recycled in the same way as regular plastic. 

Can I get money for empty ink cartridges?

Our goal is to repurpose unused ink cartridges. While we don’t accept empty cartridges, we are happy to accept cartridges that are sealed in perfect condition, have damaged boxes, or even open boxes. Most local office supply retailers will allow you to recycle empty containers. 

What are you waiting for? Recycle your ink cartridges and toner for cash with the buyback program from Ink Genie. 


Ink Genie does not purchase ink or toner from entities who are contractually prohibited from engaging in such sales.

Ink Genie does not purchase ink or toner that was designated for, or originated from, sales outside of the United States.