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Ink Cartridge Product Numbers

Surely you have noticed that all ink and toner cartridges have a product number that identifies them.  This number is very important, you need it when you buy ink cartridges online or from a store. But... What does the ink cartridge number mean? Do we actually need it?

Why does each ink cartridge have a different product number than its printer?

This number becomes a unique code that identifies your cartridge and ensures that it is the ideal one for your printer, so why is it different from your printer model?

Did you know that ink is not always the same formula? Usually, the amount of chemicals varies according to the particular ink formula needed for each type of printer like InkJet or LaserJet based on such things as print quality, drying speed, and final print finish.  But typically, ink cartridges can be used for similar printer models in the same family. 

If you don’t know what product number you need for your printer, what would happen if I don't use the cartridge with the correct product number? The answer is that it will either not fit in your printer or have an error when you try to use it.  However, we can help you determine how to find the product number for your ink cartridge.

Where can I find my ink product number?

Ink Cartridge / Package

If you still have the packaging of the last cartridge, the ink cartridge number should be near the description on the package the cartridge came in, or near the name on the front in large print.

If your cartridge no longer has packaging, look for a sticker at the top or at the bottom, it will have a code visible near where it says the color of the ink inside and there you can find the product number as well.

Printer Manual

If this is the first time you are buying an ink cartridge for your printer, and you are wondering which cartridge your printer needs, check your printer’s manual, there will probably be a small subheading with the wording "Cartridge number" or "Cartridge type."

We recommend that you type it into a search engine to get a better idea of the cartridge, its characteristics and other data.

Ink Cartridge Card

Some printer models, such as HP printers, include a wallet-sized reference card where it mentions your printer's brand name and model number and the product number of the ink cartridge you need.

Manufacturer or Ink and Toner Website

Another reliable source is the manufacturer's website or an ink and toner website, make sure you have your printer's model number handy and type it correctly into the website's search engine.  On Ink Genie’s site, you can enter the printer model in our search bar and find all of the cartridges available for that model.

Where can I buy an ink cartridge with the correct product number?

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You can also ask for additional stickers for all of your printers by emailing us, messaging us, or chatting and we'd be happy to mail them out.

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