Shopping Clearance Ink

You may be wondering …

Can you trust clearance ink cartridges? 

What does it mean when a cartridge is on clearance?

Is the cartridge working correctly?

We have written this blog to answer these questions and more. We’ll explain everything you need to know about clearance ink.

What Is Clearance Ink?

Clearance ink refers to ink cartridges that print supply stores need to sell urgently.

Usually, this happens when stores have ink cartridges that are close to their expiration date, or they may even be “expired.”

Clearance ink cartridges have good deals on their price, which encourages their purchase and immediate use, thus preventing a fully functional cartridge from going to the landfill.

When purchasing clearance ink cartridges, the store recommends immediate use to prevent the cartridge from being unusable when stored inappropriately or under bad conditions. When the cartridge is sold, the store usually guarantees it will work.

Is Clearance Ink in Good Condition?

The expiration date of a cartridge is only an approximation by the manufacturer. If stored correctly in a place that is not humid and away from the sun, the cartridge will remain in good condition even months or years after this date.

Both reputable online and physical stores ensure that all cartridges are stored under these conditions so cartridges past their expiration date will still be in good condition and can be used safely.

So yes, clearance or “expired ink” can still be used without a problem if purchased from a reliable seller.

What Are The Benefits of Buying Clearance Ink?

The price of ink cartridges can be costly and expensive if you have to replace them frequently.

Companies like Ink Genie offer great deals on clearance ink. If you need to replace your cartridge frequently, then buying your cartridges through clearance is a great option.


Where to Buy Clearance Ink?

Finding clearance ink on sale at Ink Genie’s online store is super easy and backed by our guarantee.  At Ink Genie, clearance ink cartridges contain perfectly good ink, ensuring top-quality prints at a discounted price, backed by our Ink Genie Guarantee despite nearing or surpassing their warranty date.

To take advantage of these great discounted ink cartridges, go to the website and type the needed cartridge in the search bar.

A list of results will load, and you’ll find a white box on the left with options to help you filter the results.

Under the “Box Condition” section, you will find the “Clearance” ink option; click on that option, and all the clearance ink offers for the model you are looking for will appear.

And that’s it! Ensure you add the rest of your ink and toner order to your cart before checking out. After purchasing, it will arrive at your home in a few days with no shipping costs!

Ink Genie is one of the leading ink and toner suppliers to businesses, government institutions, schools, and homes nationwide. We consider thousands of customers part of our family and always offer them our best service, satisfaction, and savings!

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