How Many Pages Can an Inkjet Printer Print Before Ink Runs Out?

In a world where inkjet printers are the unsung superheroes of the small business office, prepare to be entertained by these remarkable machines. Armed with the power of precision, they transform ordinary pieces of paper into vibrant canvases bursting with life. 

How, you ask? By wielding their secret weapon: tiny but mighty ink droplets.

Picture this: With every precisely timed propulsion, they shower your paper with a symphony of colors, creating a mesmerizing masterpiece right before your eyes. It's like having a miniature fireworks display, but you get breathtaking images and graphics instead of sparks!

Now, whether you already have an inkjet printer on your desk or are on the hunt for one, one question remains: How many of these masterpieces (pages) can you churn out? Fear not, because we're about to unveil the secrets of inkjet print volumes that'll have you printing like a pro!

How Long Do Inkjet Cartridges Last?

Standard black ink cartridges for inkjet printers, such as the HP 952, can print up to 1,000 sheets before running out, while the HP 952 color ink cartridge has a page yield of 700 sheets.

There are also high-yield cartridges for inkjet printers that can print more before running out of ink.

For example, the HP 952XL cartridge in black prints up to 2,000 sheets, and the same HP 952XL cartridge in color ink prints up to 1,600 sheets.

Remember that color ink cartridges print less because they come in primary colors and will need to combine multiple colors to create the images.

So, if you need to print many images or graphics, we recommend buying the black and color ink cartridges in their high-yield version, i.e., HP 952XL.

How To Make My Inkjet Printer Print More Pages?

If you are economically minded and are okay with your printouts being not crisp and sharp, you can lower your printer's resolution settings. This works exceptionally well if it is just a text print or your printout has small images or graphics that can be less bright.

This setting will use less ink but don't worry about the quality. Your printout will still look sharp. It will use less ink to fill in the color, only enough to recreate the document.

Maintenance Cycle

Another cost-saving measure is to change the settings of the printer maintenance cycle. 

Inkjet printers use some of their ink for internal maintenance. This maintenance cycle keeps the internal printing process running smoothly at all times.

There are several tricks to reduce the number of maintenance cycles on your inkjet and, thus, save ink: 

Never turn off the printer: a maintenance cycle is triggered every time you turn on the printer, so in addition to taking less time to "wake up," you will save a little of the ink. 

Play with the print quality: Above all, take advantage of the draft mode; consider printing in this mode to see how something will look before it is final.

Change cartridges only when the ink has run out: Each cartridge change requires an initialization cycle; pay attention to your print cartridge levels and determine the right time to change the cartridge. Don't wait until it has entirely run out, but also don't change it too early.  

Get it just right, and you will take advantage of all the ink in your cartridge.

Where To Buy Inkjet Ink Cartridges?

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