Are Unused Print Cartridges Worth Anything?

If you've ever wondered whether those unused ink or toner cartridges gathering dust in your office are worth anything, you're not alone. Many people are unaware that there's a market for such items. This article will guide you through selling these cartridges and finding interested buyers.

But … who wants to buy unused ink cartridges?


Do People Actually Want Unused Ink Cartridges?

Surprisingly, yes! Your unused ink or toner cartridges can be quite valuable to someone who needs replacements for their printer. The outer packaging's condition matters less as long as the cartridge is in good working order. Even if there's a minor tear or opening in the packaging, someone else can still put the cartridge to good use. do I know who to sell my unused cartridges to?


How Can You Find Buyers for Your Unused Cartridges?

Some specialized companies, such as Ink Genie, run buyback programs specifically for ink and toner cartridges. These programs are designed to find new homes for unused cartridges, preventing them from ending up in landfills.


Steps to Sell Your Ink and Toner Cartridges Through a Buyback Program:

  1. Visit the website of a reputable buyback program like Ink Genie.
  2. Fill out a form detailing your cartridge's condition, any imperfections in the packaging, and whether it's open or sealed.
  3. Provide all relevant cartridge identification data, including the model number, expiration date (if applicable), and other crucial information.
  4. Take clear photos of the cartridge from various angles.
  5. The buyback program will use your provided information to determine a fair price for your cartridge.


Where Can You Find Ink and Toner Buyback Programs?

You have several options to explore:

  • Dedicated websites like WeBuyToner specialize in buying ink and toner cartridges. These sites typically offer straightforward processes for selling your cartridges.
  • Companies that sell ink and toner online, like Ink Genie, often have their own buyback programs. You can contact them to request a buyback form, which you'll need to fill out with your personal and cartridge information. They will then reach out to provide you with a quote.


Ink Genie, for instance, is a prominent ink and toner supplier serving businesses, government institutions, schools, and households nationwide. With a commitment to delivering exceptional service, satisfaction, and savings, Ink Genie has earned the trust of thousands of customers.


To learn more about Ink Genie and explore their extensive selection of name-brand ink and toner cartridges, visit their website today.