What Does Page Yield Really Mean?

When we buy an ink cartridge, we expect it to last a long time before we need to order a replacement.  But one cartridge may not be enough, depending on your printing needs.  So, you look for how many pages the cartridge can print.


Luckily, on the cartridge box or on the online retail website, you can find the page yield of the cartridge and get an idea of how long it will last.


How accurate is the page yield and what does page yield really mean? In this blog, we will explain how page yield is calculated.


Page Yield Meaning


Page yield is the approximate number of sheets you can print with your new cartridge.


The page yield measurement is based on the ISO standard, which measures the usability of the ink or toner cartridge using 5% coverage of each sheet of paper.


What Does 5% Coverage on a Page Look Like?


A 5% coverage on a sheet of paper is equivalent to approximately 14 complete lines of text in 11-point font per printed page.


The measurement uses an A4 sheet and it would entirely cover the page if you printed the 14 complete lines.


What Is The ISO Standard?


ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards are formulas established by international experts to describe the best way to measure something globally through standardization.


Is the Page Yield Accurate?


Since this is an approximation, there will be some variation to the actual page yield that you will see.


For example, the specifications for the HP 65 ink cartridge say that its page yield is 120 pages. However, it will still depend on several factors of how and what you are printing to determine whether you can print more or less than that amount.


If you usually print text documents, you will probably be able to print more pages, like 140 to 180, but the page yield for someone who usually prints photographs, might see around 98 to 105 pages.


Does Toner Have a Higher Page Yield Than Ink?


Toner cartridges were designed to be larger and more robust. So yes, they have a higher print capacity and thus a higher page yield.


They have a higher page yield because they are designed for large print volumes.

Toner cartridges like HP 410A can print up to 2,300 pages, and their high-yield version, the HP 410X, can print up to 6,500 pages, up to twice as many pages.


While ink cartridges, like HP 65, have an average page yield of 120 pages and a little higher in the high-yield version HP 65XL, which can print up to 300 pages.


Do Black Cartridges Have a Higher Page Yield Than Color?


Yes, but this is not because they have more ink; it’s because the color cartridges come in only three primary colors. Color cartridges need to be combined to form the rest of the colors, so more ink is used and doesn’t print as many pages.


For example, cartridges such as HP 410X black toner can print up to 6,500 pages. In comparison, the HP 410X color toner cartridge lasts only 5,000 pages.


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