Which Printers Use HP 304A Toner Cartridges?

The HP 304A toner cartridge works with an HP Color LaserJet, recognized for its high-speed performance, multifunction, and professional quality prints.


In this blog, we will tell you which printers use the HP 304A toner cartridge and more about the various HP 304A toner cartridge packages to choose from.


What printers are compatible with an HP 304A toner cartridge?


HP 304A toner cartridges are compatible with the following HP Color LaserJet printer models:


HP 304A toner Cartridge Variations


You can find an HP 304A cartridge in black, color or a combination of both in the same packaging.


The HP 304A packaging variations are:


An HP 304A black cartridge can print up to 3500 sheets, while an HP 304A color cartridge can print up to 2800 sheets.



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