Best Way to Print Photos

Printing your photos is one of the best ways to relive your special or important moments. Printed images can be put in scrapbooks, hung in a picture frame, or printed just to look at them.


We also print photos to remember relatives or very dear friends that we want to feel close to.


For this reason, we want the photos to have the highest quality and resolution as if they were standing right there, which can be achieved if we know how to print a photograph correctly.


You do not need to go to an expensive printing company; with the tips we will give you in this blog, you can quickly print quality photos from home.


What is the best paper to print photos?


If you want to print quality photos, you should use photo paper.


This type of paper is designed with a special instant-dry coating that makes the ink drops adhere to the paper better, creating a better-quality image.


You will find this paper in a glossy finish which produces glossy photos that show your print from any angle, or in a matte finish if you prefer a subdued and flatter finish to display your images.


What is the best printer to print photos?


The printer you need will depend on the paper type you want. Here's why:

If you prefer glossy-finished photographs, using a laser printer is better. The toner fuses with the glossy layer of the paper to give a perfect finish.


While inkjet printers are better for matte-finish photo paper, this type of printer makes the ink adhere better to the matte-finish paper creating crisp photographs.


Printer tricks to get better quality photos


Playing with your printer settings is also a trick to print better-quality photos.


Before printing:

  • Click on "print"
  • Go to the "properties" button and change the printing preferences
  • Raise the print quality
  • Click OK


Changing these settings will make the printer go slower because it will focus more on the ink placement on the paper.


Make sure to always have a full-color ink or toner cartridge.


If you are going to print photographs, we recommend doing so immediately after changing an ink cartridge or within a few days to ensure the printer has all the ink it needs.


When printing with low ink or toner, your photos will risk having streaks, scratches, white space, or lines through the paper.


That's why it's good to always have a small stock of cartridges purchased from your favorite online ink and toner cartridge store.


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