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Best Small Business Printers of 2021

Even in the era of a highly digital workforce, having a printer that can multitask jobs is essential for any small business. Being able to print flyers, client presentations, invoices, and meeting notes on-demand is invaluable.

We all know that at some point or another, technology fails, and it is often at the worst possible time. So, do yourself a favor and invest now in the best printer for your office.

What Type of Printer Does My Office Need?

Since many small businesses don’t have space or budget for certain printer types, it’s essential to explore your options. With so many options available for the best small business printers, it’s important to assess your company’s unique printing habits and find an option that will accommodate your needs.

Below are some relevant questions to consider when shopping for a small business printer:

  1. Will you print mostly images or text documents? The image quality of your printer will be important if you will be printing photos or graphics.
  2. What size documents do you print most often? If your team is printing large client presentations regularly, you’re going to want to explore printers that have the speed and capacity you need.
  3. What types of media will you be printing from? If your team uses multiple devices for printing, find one that can accommodate your needs.
  4. What types of features are most important? Make a list of extras your team may need, including scanners, fax machines, photo printers, and more.
  5. How often will you need to replace ink? Ink prices can vary greatly by printer type, be sure to choose one that will fit your budget and printing frequency.

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Our Top 3 Small Business Printers of 2021

While printers are not a one-size-fits-all piece of machinery, we still wanted to share our pick for the top three printers of 2021 designed to accommodate a small business’s most common needs.

Best All-in-One Printer for Small Businesses

The Canon Pixma TR7020 is an all-in-one inkjet printer that is wireless and features a tech-friendly design. The printer does support photo printing, which is an important added feature for many small businesses. With a 200 sheet paper capability, scanning capabilities, and color printing, you can’t go wrong choosing this model for your small business.

Any concessions you’ll make on printing speed with this Canon printer you’ll make up for in versatility and affordability.

Best Laser Printer for Small Businesses

The HP LaserJet Pro MFP M227fdw is a four-in-one laser printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine. The printer can hold up to 250 pages and boasts printing speeds of 30 pages per minute. Two-sided printing, WiFi connectivity, and an LCD touchscreen round out the features of this laser printer for small businesses.

The only drawback of this HP printer when it comes to a small business is that the size is rather large and won’t easily fit on a desk or shelf.

Best Budget-Friendly Printer for Small Businesses

The Brother MFC-J805DW INKvestment Tank printer is one of the most budget-friendly inkjet options for small businesses. The printer scores highly in terms of page yield for both color and black ink making its overall cost-per-page very low. It features a scanner and an automatic feeder and works well with various wireless and wired connection options.

This Brother printer is not our top pick for offices that rely on color printing often because its color accuracy is not as strong as the other printers we recommended.

As we mentioned earlier, not all printers are created equally, and not all small businesses have the exact same needs. While we chose these printers as our top three of 2021, we know that your needs may be unique, and not all printers will work. Do your research and try to find options that fit your needs and help you stay within budget, especially when it’s time to buy printer ink.

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