HP 64 and HP 64XL

Navigating the options available when replenishing your HP Envy Inspire or HP Envy Photo printer's ink supply can be overwhelming. Among the choices is whether you should order the HP 64 or HP 64XL cartridges. In this comparison guide, we'll highlight the key differences between these two cartridges, investigate which printers are compatible with them, and explore discounts you can take advantage of.

Differences Between HP 64 and HP 64XL Ink Cartridges

As far as printer ink cartridges are concerned, the HP 64 and HP 64XL ink cartridges are almost identical except for the number of pages they print. Understanding this difference between various models can significantly impact your ability to utilize the cartridge fully. 

The distinction between HP 64 and HP 64XL cartridges lies primarily in their ink capacity. The HP 64 is considered a standard-yield cartridge, providing a moderate ink level for your printing needs. On the other hand, the HP 64XL is classified as a high-yield cartridge, offering a larger volume of ink per cartridge.

The HP 64XL cartridge can print more pages before requiring a replacement compared to the HP 64. This makes the HP 64XL particularly attractive for individuals or businesses with high-volume printing demands or those who prefer to minimize the frequency of cartridge replacements. 

However, it's essential to consider your specific printing needs and usage patterns when choosing between the two options. If you don't print a lot, then the HP 64 model may be right for you.

Printers Compatible with HP 64 and HP 64XL Ink Cartridges

In terms of printer compatibility, both the HP 64 and HP 64XL cartridges are designed to work with HP Envy Inspire and HP Envy Photo printers. It's always a good idea to double-check your printer's specifications to ensure compatibility, but HP has engineered these cartridges to deliver optimal performance with these printer models:

Popular HP printer models such as the HP ENVY Inspire and HP ENVY Photo series are compatible with both HP 64 and HP 64XL cartridges. Certain HP Tango printers also accept these cartridges, but these printers are discontinued. 

Optimize Your Printing Budget

In wrapping up our exploration of HP 64 and HP 64XL ink cartridges, it's clear that they offer a distinct advantage for buyers with different printing needs. Whether you are a casual user seeking cost-effective printing solutions or a business professional with high-volume printing demands, both cartridge options will fit your needs.

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