brother vs HP printers which is better

Are Brother printers better than HP printers?

Shopping for a new printer isn’t something you often do, so it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the options available. The HP printer brand is arguably one of the largest and most recognizable brands on the market, but Brother is known to hold its own as a large printer brand as well. If you’ve narrowed down your search to these two top brands, you can’t really go wrong.

When shopping for an HP or Brother printer, the most important aspects to consider include:

  • Brand reputation
  • Print quality and speed
  • Copying, scanning, and other features
  • Ink prices

Brother vs. HP Printers: Pros and Cons

Since both Brother and HP are known for making high-quality printing products that offer various capabilities for home or office use, you’ll want to consider the pros and cons of both options before you commit.

Brand Reputation and History

HP is one of the largest computing brands in the world and has been for a long time. Their products are high quality, innovative, and intuitive. With options suitable for corporate environments or home use, the brand should be one of the first to consider when shopping for printers.

Brother printers are made by a Japanese company that predates the HP brand. The company is known for quality printers and electronic goods. Most of their printers are well priced and have relatively low printing costs.

When it comes to brand reputation and history, both brands offer lasting legacies that give them a strong reputation within the printer industry and with customers worldwide. When judging on brand alone, both would be ideal options for a home office or corporate use.

Print Quality and Speed

Depending on your needs, print quality and speed might be important aspects you should consider in a new printer. Like the HP Envy Photo 7855 All-in-One Photo Printer, HP printers tend to provide sharp images that are color-balanced and detailed. The HP Deskjet 3755 All-in-One printer offers high printing speeds to ensure you can work efficiently and print large projects with ease.

When it comes to Brother printers, the HL-L2350DW offers duplex printing so that you can have an output of close to 32 pages per minute. Since most Brother printers are geared more towards office use, you can easily find a printer with high speeds and many connectivity options. When it comes to print quality though, Brother slightly falls short when compared to HP color printer options.

Copying, Scanning and Additional Features

HP offers a full suite of printers that provide a host of features and amenities. If you are using your printer for a home office or personal use, odds are it will need to serve a variety of functions. HP offers all-in-one printers that make it easy to scan, copy, print, and even fax with just the click of a few buttons. A few good options include the HP OfficeJet 5255 All-in-One Printer and the HP 3755 All-in-One printer mentioned earlier.

A typical all-in-one printer comes with several key features, and that is no different for Brother branded printers. Brother all-in-one printers are designed to save time, money and unnecessary stress. The MFC-J5830DW is a workhorse that offers fast print speeds and one-touch printing.

Printer Ink Prices

When it comes to ink prices of HP and Brother printers, both offer solid options for saving money. If you shop directly from the manufacturer, you will most likely pay a little more. If you shop with a high-quality, genuine/OEM retailer, like InkGenie, you can save money on HP ink and Brother ink cartridges.

When comparing these two top brands, there’s no clear winner. It’s about finding a printer that offers what you need for your home or office use. Both brands offer great options for all-in-one printers that serve various functions. Find the best Brother or HP printer that works best for your budget and your printing needs because you can’t go wrong when shopping for these top printer brands.

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