The short answer: YES!

A few of the most common questions we get at Ink Genie are:

Are you legit? 

Are you selling Genuine merchandise?

Our favorite message we have received to date is: “Is this really a HP 11X? Sorry but the price seems too good to be true.”

The answers to all of these questions are yes. At Ink Genie we strive to offer the best prices and customer service around. We work with genuine print cartridge suppliers across the country to find the absolute best prices on ink and toner. If a supplier doesn’t provide us with pricing that will elicit the comment “Sorry but the price seems too good to be true”, then we work to find one that does! We are constantly searching for new products and models to add to our website. 

How Can We Offer These Prices?

One way we really can compete and offer the best price on Genuine / OEM ink and toner cartridges in the market is what we at Ink Genie call The Perfect Imperfection.

Is Ink Genie Legit - Perfect Imperfections

We source cartridges that may have some slight damage to the box or we find cartridges with no box at all (toners only).  We are able to purchase these cartridges at a discount to pristine boxes and then pass these savings along to our customers. Although the boxes may not be the prettiest, these cartridges are brand new!  

Along with the monetary savings, is the environmental impact of The Perfect Imperfection. Ink and toner cartridges take hundreds of years to decompose and by using cartridges that would ultimately end up in the dump, you are helping to save the planet one cartridge at a time. 

I know you most likely just found Ink Genie while searching on the internet and have not heard much about us.  Please don’t just take our word about how good we are, read the reviews below from our over 10,000 customers who are raving about our products, our pricing, and our customer service!