HP 65 - Google’s Frequently-Asked Questions

Ever want to know what other people are asking about for HP 65 ink cartridges?  In this blog, we will show you what people are asking on Google and tell you the answers regarding HP 65 ink cartridge basics, from its specifications to printer compatibility and durability.


We did some research on Google about this ink cartridge and found out a lot of frequently asked questions, so we decided to share them all in this blog. Let’s get started!


First question, What is HP 65 ink used for?


The HP 65 ink cartridge is designed to work with an HP Deskjet All-in-One Printer series and HP Envy printer series, recognized for its multiple features that make life in the office easier.


The HP 65 ink cartridge is designed to recreate vivid, clear, and sharp documents or files on paper whether you are printing documents in black or in color.


Is The HP 65 Ink Pigment or Dye?


The HP 65 black ink cartridge is pigmented, while the cyan, magenta, and yellow variations of this ink cartridge are dyed.


What Are The Variations Of The HP 65 Ink Cartridge?


The HP 65 ink cartridge is available in the standard version (HP 65)  in black ink and color ink, as well as in high yield capacity (HP 65XL) which is also available in black ink and color ink.


Are The HP 65 And HP 65XL The Same?


Even though both cartridges, HP 65 and HP 65XL, are the same physical size, the XL version contains more ink, being a cartridge with more printing capacity.


How much ink does the HP 65 have?


A standard HP 65 black ink cartridge contains 2.5 ml of ink, while the HP 65 XL cartridge contains 3 ml of ink.


How Many Pages Can Be Printed With An HP 65 Ink Cartridge?


An HP 65 standard black cartridge has the capacity to print up to 120 sheets, while an HP 65 standard color cartridge can print up to 100 sheets.


If you want more capacity, both the HP 65XL color high capacity cartridge and HP 65XL black cartridge with high yield capacity can print up to 300 pages per cartridge.


What Printers Are Compatible With An HP 65 Ink Cartridge?


HP 65 ink cartridges are compatible with the following HP Deskjet All-in-One Printer series:


HP 65 ink cartridges are compatible with the following HP Envy printer series:


Which Ink Cartridge Is Interchangeable With The HP 65?


The HP 65 ink cartridge can be interchangeable with an HP 65XL ink cartridge.


Some people believe that the installation of the HP 61 to 67 cartridges are similar and thus interchangeable, but this does not indicate interchangeability.


The HP 60, 61, 62, 63, 64 and 67 cartridges are not interchangeable with the HP 65 ink cartridge.


What Are The HP 65 Ink Cartridge Package Variations?


You can find a HP 65 cartridge in black as well as in a tri-color package.  There is also a combination package with both a black cartridge and a tri-color cartridge together.


The HP 65 variations are:



Additional packaging for the HP 65XL ink cartridges are:


How Can I Get My Ink To Last For My HP 65 Cartridge?


Standard HP 65 ink cartridges will last for at least 18 months unopened and should be used within 8 months in the printer.  If you want your ink to last longer during printing, then here are some tips to conserve the amount of printouts and thus the amount of ink used.


Your ink cartridge will last longer if you are careful with the printouts that you make, be sure to print only what is really necessary.


Think twice before printing images, graphics or very long documents.


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