How to Purchase HP Printer Ink Cartridges At Low Prices Online?

If you own or have recently purchased an HP printer, you've probably thought about the expensive cost of ink cartridges and want to save a few dollars buying ink cartridges if possible.

Buying ink cartridges on a regular basis can be expensive, so you'll want to be smart when deciding when and where to buy HP ink cartridges.

Here are some tips for finding low prices on HP ink cartridges.


Choose Your HP Printer Wisely


Each printer is designed differently to provide features for the distinct needs of consumers. As such, each printer uses ink differently and will vary in the overall ink cartridge costs per year.

If you are about to buy an HP printer, consider looking up the cartridge prices for each printer model and take the total costs into account before deciding.

If you are going for economy and still want a quality printer, you can check out Ink Genie’s low cost ink and toner prices before deciding on a printer with the cheapest ink cartridges.


Buying HP Ink Cartridge Combo Packs


Most HP ink cartridges are available in different packs, some examples of these packs are:

  • 2 ink cartridges in one box
  • High yield Ink cartridges with black only
  • High yield Ink cartridges for color ink 
  • Combo pack with high yield black and standard yield color cartridges in one box
  • Packs of up to 5 cartridges for the same printer with both black and color versions

The prices for these combo packs are usually more affordable when compared to buying each one individually.


Getting Discounts for HP Ink Cartridges


Waiting for discounts throughout the year is another great way to save money when buying HP cartridges. If you sign up with a retailer like Ink Genie, you can provide your information about your ink consumption which will help the retailer to send you discounts when they are available for your printer model.

Additionally, seasonal deals such as Black Friday and other special dates on the calendar are often used by online ink cartridge stores to make promotions of their products.

You can save money by waiting for these dates to buy more than one cartridge and stock up for a few months. Be sure to get on their email list to receive their discounts.


Choosing The Best Ink Cartridge Supplier


When choosing the best ink cartridge supplier, look for retailers that provide original ink cartridges like Ink Genie, where you can find most models of HP ink and toner cartridges you need and buy them at the best prices.

At ink Genie, we have ink cartridges for the various versions of HP printers. You can easily find the one you are looking for on our website by having the cartridge or printer model at hand.

In addition, we have a special way of acquiring our product based on our "Perfect Imperfection" box conditions at lower prices.  

As part of our brand and ecological responsibility, we collect thousands of original HP cartridges with small imperfections in the packaging; even though the ink cartridge is in perfect condition, they can not be sold by some retailers.

We recognize these minor imperfections in the packaging and transform them into a perfect opportunity for our customers to purchase them at very convenient prices.

Where To Buy Inkjet Ink Cartridges?

At Ink Genie, we are an ink and toner cartridge retailer that stocks many variations of inkjet ink cartridges ready to be packaged and sent to your home or business.

Because of our distinct buying and selling process, we are able to offer the lowest prices on the market. We have reasonable prices and provide discounts for all of our ink cartridges.

Ink Genie is one of the leading ink and toner suppliers to businesses, government institutions, schools, and homes in the country. We have thousands of customers that we consider part of our family and always offer them our best service, satisfaction, and savings!

Discover more about Ink Genie and browse our selection of name-brand ink and toner cartridges.


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