how to print on vinyl paper with an inkjet

Print, Cut, and Apply Printable Vinyl with an Inkjet

If you’ve ever been on Etsy, you know that the ways to use printable vinyl are endless. From personalized mugs to trendy tote bags, waterproof and water-resistant vinyl sheets are all the rage — and many people use Inkjet printers to create all of these things and more.

But how do you print on vinyl paper with an Inkjet? Let’s find out.

What is Printable Vinyl?

First things first, you should know what printable vinyl is. This versatile printing material works similarly to sticker paper, except its applications are more comprehensive. Print-on vinyl can be used for walls, mugs, laptops, binders, notebooks, and even car decals.

Since vinyl is a special type of material made from ethylene and choline, it is a waterproof and water-resistant material. Because of these unique characteristics, it can be fully customized and compatible with various surfaces.

To use your Inkjet printer for vinyl, make sure you’ve invested in the correct type of printable vinyl. Look at the packaging before making your purchase because the vinyl you choose must be print receptive. Why is this important? Print receptive vinyl has a film coating that acts as a carrier for the ink. This ensures the colors won’t bleed, fade, or wash off.

A few good options include:

  • Expressions Vinyl Printable Permanent Vinyl Sheets
  • Cricut Printable Vinyl
  • Oracal Inkjet Printable Permanent Vinyl

Most of these printable vinyl options are available at local craft and office supply stores or online at various retailers.

How to Use Printable Vinyl With an Inkjet Printer

Large commercial printing facilities often use printable vinyl for custom or personalized items. However, you can also purchase printable vinyl sheets in a rainbow of colors at local office supply stores and craft stores.

For single-color designs or frequent print jobs, investing in a die-cutting machine that can cut the vinyl into any shape might make sense. But, when you’re looking for more complex designs with multiple colors or intricate details, it’s best to stick with an Inkjet printer.

To get started, gather all your supplies, including:

  • Printable vinyl of your choice
  • Compatible Inkjet printer
  • Laptop
  • Ruler
  • Exacto knife or cutting tool

What Type of Ink to Use for Printing Vinyl

The best thing about using your printer with vinyl sheets is that you don’t need special ink. Make sure you have full ink cartridges that are compatible with your printer model and you’re ready to start printing your designs.

Having OEM ink cartridge replacements on-hand for your printer when creating vinyl designs will ensure you get sharp and vivid prints that you’re after.

3 Simple Steps to Print on Vinyl Paper with an Inkjet

Follow these three steps to transform your blank printable vinyl into customized designs for almost any application.

  1. Create Your Design - First things first. Create your design using a laptop and place the image on a standard 8.5 x 11 document. Do a print preview or print a test copy before using the printable vinyl.
  2. Setup the Printer - Using a 4-color Inkjet printer, load the paper tray with the printable vinyl sticker paper. Ensure the adhesive side is facing up so the ink prints on the non-adhesive side. Print single or multiple copies based on your specific needs.
  3. Cut it Out - The last step in the process is cutting out your design using scissors, an Exacto knife, or another cutting tool.

Believe it or not, it’s that simple. The most important thing you have to remember during the process is to check your printer settings and make sure the printable vinyl is installed the right way. From there, you just have to make sure you have full ink cartridges, and you’re ready to print vinyl!

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