How To Identify A High-Yield Ink Cartridge

Most ink cartridges have two yield models: Standard & High Yield. Both black ink cartridges and color cartridges can come in a higher yield model.


The purpose of high-yield ink cartridges is to make them last longer before they need to be replaced. This is particularly beneficial for large companies or schools that require constant printing.


A high-yield ink cartridge has a larger ink chamber compared to its standard counterpart. However, how do we identify which cartridge has the highest capacity?


What does "XL" mean on cartridges?


The letters "XL" are typically used to denote a larger size for clothes or other objects. The same principle applies to ink cartridges.  If you come across a cartridge model with an "XL" version, that indicates it is the high-yield capacity cartridge.


For example, the standard yield cartridge for HP 902 is named HP 902, while its high-yield version is called HP 902XL. Similarly, the standard yield cartridge for Canon PGI 270 is named Canon PGI 270, and its high-yield version is Canon PGI 270XL.


Extra letters in the cartridge name


Another method to identify a high-yield capacity print cartridge is to pay attention to any additional letters in the name.


For instance, HP offers a toner cartridge called HP 305A as the standard version, while its high-yield cartridge is known as HP 305X. Although this example is somewhat obvious due to the use of the letter "X," it may not always be the case. Canon has a toner cartridge named Canon 054 as the standard version, and its high-yield version is called Canon 054H.


When searching for your print cartridge in an online store, like Ink Genie, if you find a second version with an additional letter, take the time to identify which one is the standard version and which one is the high yield. In most cases, both cartridges will be compatible with your printer, but a high-yield cartridge will last longer. If you don't print frequently, the high yield cartridge may dry out and clog your printer in which case, you might want to try the standard yield cartridge.


When the High Yield version is not available


Although most ink cartridges now have a high-yield version, a few still come exclusively in the standard version. This may be because the printer model doesn't require it or it is simply not compatible with that model's design.


If you want to find out if your ink cartridge has a high yield or XL version, search for the model in an online ink or toner cartridge store or visit the manufacturer's website. If both versions exist, they will appear in the search results.


To confirm this, you can also search for your printer model online or on the manufacturer's website and scroll down to the compatible cartridges section.


How to Identify an HP High-Yield Ink Cartridge?


HP, like most ink and toner manufacturers, uses "XL" to distinguish their high-yield ink cartridges. Additionally, they may also use an X for their toner cartridge names to differentiate high-yield cartridges.


How to Identify an Epson High-Yield Ink Cartridge?


Epson cartridges also use the letters "XL" to identify their high-yield capacity print cartridges. Moreover, they offer "XXL" cartridges with even higher capacity for printers with ink tanks designed for heavy corporate use.


How to Identify a Canon High-Yield Ink Cartridge?


Canon identifies its high-yield cartridges by adding an easy-to-notice "XL" to the name. Pay attention to product specifications or labels to make sure you know which yield you are purchasing.


How to Identify a Brother High-Yield Ink Cartridge?


To identify a Brother high-yield cartridge, carefully check the product name and specifications before purchasing. For example, the standard version of the TN810BK cartridge is named TN810BK, while the high-yield version is called TN810XLBK.


Although an "XL" may identify the high-yield cartridge, it could be confused with the usual product name.


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