epson vs brother printers which is better

Understanding the Differences So You Can Make Smarter Purchases

Since most people don’t shop for printers that often, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming when it comes to investing in a new model, especially since many different printer brands are available on the market. Luckily, by knowing which brand is best, you can narrow your focus and make smarter purchasing decisions for your home or office.

Epson and Brother printers are two of the best brands you can find when comparing other major players in the market. The Epson brand has been around since 1942 and is a leading manufacturer of home and business printers. Brother was founded in 1908 and is known for its cost-effective printing solutions that cater to businesses and home use.

So, which is the better buy? While both printers have excellent printer options, it ultimately will depend on how you plan to use your printer.

Epson vs. Brother Printers: Home Use

When it comes to printers for home use, you’ll most likely be exploring inkjet options. Inkjet printers offer the versatility you need to print anything from black and white presentations to full-color school projects. Whether you are using your printer for personal use or a home office, you’ll need a reliable option that can handle the changing needs of your family or office.

While Epson has some great all-in-one printer options, Brother is often more well-known for producing printers that closely fit the needs of small businesses or home use.

Inkjet printers from Brother are designed to be cost-effective and versatile. Their quick printing speeds, high page yields, and low-cost replacement ink cartridges make them the ideal choice for at-home use.

When compared to other brands, Brother offers:

  • High page yields before needing new ink
  • Low cost-per-print
  • Quick printing speeds
  • Minimal Bluetooth support
  • Sturdy and well-built machines

Just some of the top Brother printer models for home use include:

Epson vs. Brother Printers: Office Use

In an office setting, printers must be able to handle multiple projects at once and have the ability to print large documents at high speeds. Laser printers and inkjets are ideal for office situations depending on the office’s specific needs.

When it comes to finding a printer for a small business or office, Epson is a solid choice. Epson printers feature all the latest technology, including wireless capabilities, and are a popular choice due to their outstanding track record.

When compared to other brands, Epson offers:

  • A diverse offering of printer models
  • Decent photo printing quality
  • Monochrome and multi-color inkjet printer options

Just some of the top Epson printer models for office use include:


Brother is a top brand in the market that offers practical and efficient solutions for at-home use and small businesses. They are sturdy, well-built machines that have high page yields and an affordable price point.

Epson continues to be one of the top brands and is synonymous with printing speed and efficiency. They offer a diverse lineup of products that makes it easy to find the perfect solution for a home or office.

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